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Aramid-Tape, 100 x 2 mm width

Aramid-Tape, 100 x 2 mm width

The temperature resistance is up to + 350°C.
However, it can be subjected to + 500 °C for short periods.
With trengthened selvedges on both sides
Type of weave: plain weave
Our aramide products are manufactured
by using pure, high-strength aramide fibres without
the addition of mineral staple fibres or glass fibres.
The aramide fibres are especially characterised by
the high mechanical loading capacity. the strength
loss is even extremely small.
When subject to a continuous temperature of + 350 °C.
Special characteristics:
-very high level of tensile strength
-does not melt
-low shrinkage
-excellent chemical resistance
-kind to the skin
An additional coating with our Fireblocker provides
aramide products with a higher heat resistance.
Practise tests have shown that a minimum continuous
temperature resistance of + 400 °C can be assumed.
It is certain that you do need to carry out your own tests.

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